Mission Marathon: 4:16:02

I’ve fully recovered from the marathon now. It’s been 4 days now and today I didn’t feel any tightness. Monday and Tuesday my muscles were totally stiff and Wednesday I hardly felt anything.

I’m really happy with my time. I had trained for 4:30 but I felt really good and the people standing on the side cheering really helps. I sprinted (at least I ran faster than the others who had 40 km behind them) the last 2 km. Km 32 to 37 were the hardest. I felt fresh up to 32, which was surprising since I’d never ran more than 27 km at one time. I ran numb till 37 when we reached Potsdamer Platz. After that I was just consentrating on the end and after reaching the final straight-away I didn’t notice the people cheering on the side. But the feeling when I ran over the finish line was so fucking great. I almost cried several times.

The weather was good for the runner but bad for the spectators. Annika met me at 3 different places along the course but missed me at the end. Yvonne was also at Potsdamer Platz. There were quite alot of people dressed up and even one women who ran it barefoot.

I’m definately going to do another one. I’m going to try for the London marathon in the spring.

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