Hard work

I watched the debates this morning. –in Berlin CNN showed it again at 10am– Bush ran out of material really quickly. He said the term “hard work” upwords of 20 times. He even said it was hard work to love someone whose son he sent off to war and was killed in Iraq. Typical bushism. Bush was totally out classed.

I’ll be sending in my ballot this week. I don’t want to vote democrate but since I’m voting in NC this time round I’ll probably settle for them. The greens aren’t even on the ballot there and there is a very very remote chance that Bush won’t win the state. Doubt that, though.

All American’s should live in northern Europe for a couple years so that they get to see that having choice is actually a part of democracy. Perot was a crazy man but God it was much more interesting with him in the mix. Having a choice is a good thing. I only have 3 choices for President in NC. In Hawaii I had about 5 if I remember correctly. It’s very likely I’m not going to vote Republican or Libritarian so that leaves me with the Dems. But I don’t like them either. We really need a new voting system. I’m for this one.

Anyway, Happy 1st of Oct. 2004. I’ll be in Spain in less than a week. Joy!!

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