Finally, an active weekend!

I finally managed to get my ass out of the house. On Friday Annika and I went to see Elvis Costello. We had seen him a year ago with Steve Nieve, the pianist, and this time there were two other which formed Elvis Costello and The Imposters. The show went by so quickly. I guess that means we were enjoying ourselves. Although the show was really good, it simply can’t compare to last years show which I found more intimate. The album that he’s touring on is also a bit rocky while the album before, “North”, was mellow.

On Sat. I finally got to install the language school admin software that I’d been working on for the last 2 months. I did it in Gambas, a Visual Basic clone, which is really good for getting something up quickly but I’m going to rewrite it in Python using the twisted framework for the server and GTK for the client. First, however, I’m going to redo the Tandem Berlin internet site so that we can update the course info from a browser and I plan on integrating Gallery because the current pictures are really old and we need to be able to change them regularly so that we don’t look to out dated.

Thirdly, I finally went to a Hertha BSC match on Sunday. They played against Bayern Muenchen and it was the first sold-out match since they finished renovating Olympia Stadion. Although it sits 75,000 people, it was surprisingly intimate. I wish I had gone earlier. I would recommend anyone to see a match there if they have a chance. It only costs 13 Euros although i got a 13 Euro ticket on ebay that I paid 35 Euros for, since the tickets were quite scarce. I know… I’m a sucker. By the way, the score ended 0:0. It was nevertheless exciting.

I’m out.

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