Live8 Berlin

I went to Live8 yesterday. Basically there was a lot of standing around and waiting and a bit of music. The acts played between 1 and 5 songs and between acts there was at least a 15 minute break; usually more like 30. Me and co. were standing about 200m from the stage, which was ideal because we were standing right in front of one of the monitors. When I arrived the weather was overcast but that quickly changed to stick hot and didn’t let up until the sun went behinf the trees. The layout was far from optimal being that it was located in a street that simply went straight back, not allowing people to spread out to the sides.

The highlights of the event for me was Green Day‘s set. They really know how to work the crowd. They played “We are the Champions” as their last song, which sent memories of Freddy Mercury’s performance with Queen from 20 years ago at Live Aid into one’s mind and of course also gave the crowd of 200,000 something to sing along to. They opened with “American Idiot” which reminds me of a certian someone who will be at the Summit this Wednesday.

Another hightlight was Audioslave playing the Rage Against The Machine song “Killing In The Name Of”. Having a couple hundred thousand yelling “Fuck you! I won’t do what you told me!” is just down-right fun. They also played 2 of their songs and “Black Hole Sun.”

Faithless also played two songs as the penultimate act; one of which, “Weapons Of Mass Destruction”, was really good.

The other bands were alright but no others really stand out. Some of the German acts like Wir Sind Helden and Die Toten Hosen were alright, as well as Roxy Music and A-ha. We spent a lot of time watching what was going in London. We even watched London watching footage of Green Day’s performance in Berlin, wuppie! I missed a couple acts in the middle because I had to find an ATM so that I could buy a shirt.

Overall it was a fun if not strenuous Saturday. I stood without a pause from 13:45 until about 22:00. I then allowed myself to sit through a couple of the breaks. It ended at around 0:30.

Well, see you in 20 years. Hopefully, for a different cause. The whole point, of course, is to Make Poverty History.

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