My baby is green

In preperation for my move back to the states my brother, Matt, has been caring for my 1979 P200E Vespa. In a shortly thought out decision I decided to have it painted Lamborghini Green (some people call it Lime Green).

My Vespa with new green paint job

Not the perfect color but it will look alright when all the parts are on it and break up the blinding greenness that it is now. I ordered white wall tires for it today. I think it’s the first time the tires have been changed since 1979. I’ll be able to see it for the first time when I arrive back home next week. But it’s off to Baltimore in 35 hours.

Hopefully once I get my Vespa on the road it will stay on the road a little longer this time. Last time after getting it ridable and legal it lasted a full 36 hours on the road before a nice lady decided to take a left turn into her drive despite me riding in the opposite direction. I ran right into the side of the driver side door. That’s why I had to have it painted; the replacement parts were matte black while the rest was red.

Now I just have to get it out to San Diego. Either I pay 350 to have it shipped or get luck and find someone who is going over and has space. I’ve posted on CraigsList so we’ll see.

In other news…….I got some heavy-duty card board boxes for the flight today. They are about 20cm to big but if I don’t go over the weight restrictions I’m hoping they don’t pull out the meter stick. If they do I’m going to have a big head ache and Annika is going to have to take some stuff back for me. I’m crossing my fingers.

And no, I don’t have proper luggage.

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