In San Diego

Last I wrote I was in Baltimore. After I left there I went to visit mommy and the bros. And last Tuesday I finally made it to San Diego. Man the weather is nice out here. Just go check out the san diego weather. I’ve only been in the water once so far because I’ve been doing a lot of errands. The only thing left to do now is get a job and I started the search today.

Only 23 hours after landing I found a really nice place with a couple self-pronounced “old-hippies,” Darcy and Richard. Richard lived in Germany for about 20 years so he also speaks German. The place is right on the edge of Balboa Park and only 1.8 miles from downtown. Going downtown on my bike is east but coming back home can be hell. They’ve got some hill that can compete with San Francisco. I walk out my door and I’m surrounded be palm and eucalyptus trees and tons of flowers that Darcy has planted. The only drawback is that the landing path for the airplanes is just to the south of us and at certain times of day can get really loud.

I’ll be uploading photos and probably a video guide of the place to the gallery on the weekend so keep an eye out there. We’re getting DSL on Friday so I won’t have to go to the library to go online.

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