Getting settled

Well, slowly I’m getting settled in San Diego. I’ve got a temporary driver’s license, an ADSL connection, a bank account and a job interview lined up for Tuesday. The driver’s license is only temporary because I still have to do the motorcycle test once my Vespa arrives in 2 weeks.

The bus system’s pricing structure is far from transparent here. If you come here save yourself the trouble and get a day or month pass. The “Trolleys” are really nice, though. Someone told me the trains are made in Germany. That may be why they reminded me of the new trains on the U2 and U5 lines in Berlin. Next time I move I’ll try to get on one of the trolley lines.

I went swimming in the waves for the first time yesterday. Darcy gave me a ride to Ocean Beach where she was selling her jewelry. The waves were a really nice size for surfing, body boarding and general frolicking. The marine layer was absent yesterday so the sun was nice and warm. I gave a guy a mouthful for not picking up his pit bulls shit. He said he was going to get a bag. 20 minutes later it was still there. Ocean beach is actually what you think a California beach is supposed to be. I enjoyed it.

I posted new photos to my gallery. Check’em out.

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