Laptop Repairs

Well, I’m going to have to send my laptop into IBM again. The last time they fixed the “Fan Error” problem but I didn’t send the harddrive with it. It turns out however that the hard drive is also damaged. I get random disk errors and it hangs for minutes at times. This means Ubuntu testing is stalled until I get it back fixed.

I was really impressed with IBM’s service last time; sent it of at 4pm Monday and had it back at 10am Wednesday. I hope I experience similar service this time also. I did buy IBM for the service and it is starting to pay off.

In other news, I’ve been riding my Vespa around for about a week and I also started my job on Tuesday. Luckily some of my co-workers live near me and we’re starting to car pool. Or rather, I bum rides off of them.

It’s off to the beach now. Tschuss!

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