I had a job, I quit a job.

So, it’s been a while since I last posted something. Here goes…

For a couple weeks I was working for the censor-ware company, Websense, Inc. The work was monotonous but I expected that. Basically, I catagorized web sites which I thought I was going to find a bit morally objectionable. Turns out however that what I was doing was pretty harmless. It’s the companies that set the Drakonian policies that are the problem. The Websense software does enable them to do this, however. You be the judge. The people I worked with were really nice, though. Maybe because they were foreigners. ;)

Anyway, I quit that job because I was making an adequate amount of money trading stocks which is what I’m trying to focus on. This is ideal because I can make money independent of my location. That means I’ll probably be going back to Berlin shortly since I’ve already established residency here in California.

Although, the weather is nice here in San Diego and I like being so close to Mexico, I think I’ll probably choose to move to San Francisco when Annika and I come back. I think I need a more European city after living so long in Berlin. Everything is so far apart here in San Diego that you really need a car and I don’t really want to have to get one. My Vespa gets me around town fine but so many thinks are further out.

When Annika comes on Nov. 3rd, we’re taking a 2 week trip around the Southwest and Northern California to do some scouting. We’ve reserved a Toyota Prius hybrid car which should be interesting. It cost almost double an economy class car but we’re driving so far that we’ll probably spend about the same due to better gas mileage but cause much less pollution. I’m interested to see just how good the gas mileage actually is.

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