Been a while

I just updated to wordpress 2.0 and I thought I might write a post since I’m here anyway, it’s been quit a while since the last post and lots has happened since I last wrote.

First of all I’m back in Berlin for the time being. I’ll probably stay in Berlin till the World Cup and then go back to the States. I may go to Spain for a couple months before the World Cup ’cause I need to improve my Spanish and I’d also like to go to Guadec which is going to be in Barcelona this year.

As I had mentioned in the last post a couple months back Annika came to San Diego and we took a really fun whirl-wind tour of the Southwest US and Northern California. The Toyota Prius that we rented for the first week was great. If I have the dough when I get back to the States I’m going to get me one. We paid about 80 bucks for a 2000 mile trip. The second week we had to get another car because Fox reant-a-car doesn’t allow one to take cars into Utah. We got a Dodge Neon. After having driven the Prius we felt like we were back in the stone ages. I hate that car. I think Dodge makes the ugliest car anyway, though. There are some photos of the trip in our Gallery. Take a look if you’re so inclined.

My trading is still profitable although I took a small hit in the last couple days of the year. It’s really nice to be able to live anywhere and still earn money. HOpefully I’ll be able to payback all my school loans by spring. That is my current goal now. After that it’s pure profit. :)

For X-mas Annika and I went to Kiel, where Annika’s mom lives. We were there for about 3 days. On the last day it started to snow quite heavily and we were happy that we had booked the train instead of a mitfahrgelegenheit. It’s been snowing on and off for the last week and is now starting to thaw out. Berlin is much nicer with the snow. Usually it’s just cold which I really hate. The snow makes the hard city a bit softer. By the way, if you’re thinking of visiting Berlin, don’t come in the winter. The city transforms with the weather. When the flowers blossom, so does Berlin

New Year’s Eve was last night but rather uneventful for us as we went for a walk at about 23:40 and got back about an hour later. If I’m not drunk, I find it hard to enjoy having fire cracker going off right around my feet and head. Note to self: Drink next year. We mad eit down to Helmholzplatz were one of the Asia restaraunts had a long strand of fire crackers that reminded me of Las Fallas in Valencia.

For Annika and I the time between X-mas and New Year’s is not a time to relax as we both have birthdays in this week; Annika on the 29th and me on the 30th. I gave Annika a new back pack and home-made gift certificate for 10 ice-skating lessons. She gave a couple shirts and made a scarf with hand painted pinguins on each end and an embroidered picture of a computer mouse. So, really nice gifts.

Well, I think that should have fille dmost of the gaps between this and my last post. Happy New Year’s to all.

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