In the nick of time!

I just got a brand new Nokia 6230i mobile phone. This is a replacement for my Sony Ericsson T610 which I had replaced twice in the last 2 months. The funny thing is that I got it on the very last day of my 2 year guarantee. I now have another 2 year guarantee and a new phone. :)

Some tips for people who go through the process of getting there phone replaced by O2 (Germany).

  1. If you lose your reciept for the phone, you can get a new one printed out where you bought it.
  2. Once your phone has been “repaired” twice you are eligable for an exchange.
  3. You are required to keep all paper work, and the original box and whatever was inside.

And about the phone…..

It’s way better than the Sony Ericsson. The best thing is that because it was cheaper than the T610, I used the difference in price to get a 1GB MMC card which the phone supports. With the built in Music Player I’ve now got an MP3 player with a respectable amount of storage space. The audio quality is also good.

The camera is also much better on the 6230i (1.3mp).

One thing I like better about the T610 is that that address and phone numbers where stored under each name. With the 6230i each number is listed seperately which makes for many more numbers to scroll through. Maybe I’ll find the right way to do it when I look in the user’s guide.

Update: The address book didn’t import as I had it on the T610 but it can be listed as it was with manual changes which is annoying to have to do.

I also just read that the 6230i doesn’t support standard IR communication which means you can’t sync it with Linux. As a Linux user that sucks. To tell the truth though, I never used this function on the T610 which was supposed to work. So, I’m not too worried although it’s really annoying when devices are made for one platform.

I’ll see how it goes in the coming weeks. Hopefully it doesn’t break.

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