On Sunday Annika and I went to Unsichtbar here in Berlin. It’s a resturaunt where you eat in complete darkness and whose staff is blind or sight-impaired. I had gotten a gift certificate for X-mas from Annika’s mom, Anja. Annika paid about 40 Euros for her meal though. It’s not cheap but it is fun.

The menu doesn’t tell you what you are really getting. It just colorfully describes basically what you get. I got the vegetarian meal, of course and Annika got the fish. You can get either a 3 or 4 course meal. We got the 4 course one.

You place you’re order in the waiting area, by the way. Otherwise it’d be hard to read the menu, duh. You are then collected be the waiter, told to put your hand on the person in-front-of-you’s shoulder and lead to your table. The tables are all against a wall that you can put your drink against. The coners are all padded just in case. It’s really liberating to eat in the complete darkness. You can sloutch, throw things at your friends and of course you have to use your fingers. I would love to have a infrared camera in there!

The food was quite good although I found it a bit wierd that they had roesties (hash brown type thing) on the main dish. I get those from Plus all the time. The desert was also a bit “easy”. The salad was really good, though and the soup was good but creamy, which I’m not a fan of.

If you’re thinking of going I suggest you go with as big a group as possible. It’s more fun. Also you need to reserve well in advance.

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