I’m just getting finished with my taxes. I sent the forms for the last 3 years in in December and now I’m doing 2005. This year my taxes are a little more complicated due to trading stocks. I must say though, taxes aren’t as difficult to do as I once thought. The “worksheets” are pretty idiot proof. For those earning money abroad, don’t be scared. It’s really easy. Just do form 1040 (as always) and form 2555. There’s really not much to it.

One interesting thing I noticed was that for the years 2002 and 2003 the amount on line 22 was exactly the same, to the penny. That’s pretty amazing considering my income was very different in those years. Funny I didn’t notice that when sending it off earlier.

On a down note (as if taxes weren’t enough of one), the IRS sent me a letter saying they unfortunately lost my 2004 return. Great. So I call and ask about what I need to do exactly and the guy on the phone tells me that the 2002 return was the one that was missing. Now I get o wait a month or so for them to call me. This sucks because I’m trying to get all this tax stuff done because Annika is trying to get a Green Card and we wanted to have it by X-mas.

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