Back from Kiel

Last night Annika and returned from our Easter trip to her mother’s place in Kiel. Although they were calling for poor weather, it was really nice 90% of the time. We played mini-golf on the first day, on Easter Sunday we had a brunch with others and on Monday we visited friends. We then took the train back.

There was one guy sitting in front of us on the train with earphones turned up really loudly. You could hear everything. The worst part about it though is that he was listening to the most common pop crap. The kind that we as a society we collectively learn by heart after only a week of radio play; even those of us who listen to very little radio. Being that the guy was 40ish, I’d think it would be a bit embarassing to listen to such music on a mp3 player where you personnally select the music. Guess not.

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