Collaborative map viewing

I just submited the following feature request to Google Maps today.

[Subject] Feature Idea: Collaborative map viewing

It would be quite useful to be able to view maps together with others. I often find sending links to google maps too disconnected with what I’m trying to communicate.

I imagine the zoom and drag functions that one person does are visible to others that are ‘subscribed’ to the session. This could be nicely integrated with the chat functions in gmail. I could invite a friend to view a map with me and they would be informed of the invitation and can either join or refuse just as one can with Google Chat. We could then communicate in a chat pane (or even Google Talk) and each control the movement of the map.

This would be useful for instance to give more descriptive directions, giving a travel group an overview of the days plans or just to help people get an idea of what’s available in an area.

Making the session recordable would also be nice in order to webcast the tour.

If this is being worked on or if you think it’s a viable idea, please let me know

I’ve been wanting something like this for a while. Since I live so far away from alot of my friends it would be useful to be able to show where I live and to see where my friends live.

If it’s ever implemented I expect a fat check for the idea.

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