Microsoft’s adCenter broken for non-IE browsers

I just read about a firefox user’s experience with MS’s new adCenter advertising service. Unfortunately, this is what one expects from MS. It’s natural for MS to have IE as the preferred browser. Someone should tell them, however, that the days of useragent checking are thankfully behind us for the most part. Maybe it was the same developer(s) that did this site. Firefox users see:

We’re sorry. Windows Live Shopping Beta does not yet support Firefox.

We’re working to correct this as soon as possible.

At least they say they will correct the problem “soon“.

I wonder if the inline ads that the service displays will be firefox-friendly. That would be stupid on top of stupid if not.

Explorer Destroyer

Speaking of useragent checking, I was looking into the Explorer Destroyer the other day and there seems to be quite a debate over whether this is the “right” approach to getting new firefox converts. I’m definately not going to use it for my site but I will be putting up a Google firefox referral button on this site. I’ll probably try the Firefox Referral Plugin for WordPress. I’ve been wanting to see how adSense works so this is a good opportunity. I’ve opened an account already.

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