Eurovision Song Contest Time!

Tomorrow the Eurovision Song Contest will showcase the great musical talent from across the European continent. Ok, enough with the jokes. The only reason I watch it is for the Schadenfreude. It was even more fun to watch a few years back when Radio Eins broadcast it live with two commentators who just ripped each contestant. You could turn the volume down on th TV and just listen to the radio. That was really a hoot. They didn’t have it last year and probably won’t have it this year either. Oh well.

Germany got last place last year. Probably had more to do with the controversy than the performance. Germany will be represented this year be Texas Lightning, the ESC’s first country act.

This year all the talk is about Lordi, the finnish horror-core act. Some conservative groups in Greece even want to prevent them from performing, claiming that “the band cultivates and legitimates Satanism and undermines the foundations of Greek and European culture.” Lordi has a couple statements on their website to counter this claim.

Lordi has, after all, had a hit in Finland with a song called “Devil Is A Loser”.


“We have the same aesthetic as horror films. The scarier the film, the more fun it is. And rock music should be all about fun”,

If you need more proof of how non-satanic they are, the bands entry is titled “Hard Rock Hallelujah.” To that, I say “Amen!”

I actually just bought tickets for “Das Leben der Anderen” (The Lives of Others) for tomorrow evening. Now I’ll have to get them exchanged for a later date. I’ll be damned if I miss the making of the next ABBA. ;)

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