Lordi Wins Eurovision

Europe once again proved that it has no sense of taste in music. They did, however, show a sense of humor. It was surreal seeing the “Monsters” from Finnland excepting a trophy and bouquet of flowers upon winning.

For all the Americans out there who have no ideas what this is all about, Eurovision is kinda like a Star Search that takes place once a year and is voted on publicly by country. Lordi winning this would be like GWAR winning American Idol or something.

Of all the songs, I only found 3 good. The Bosnia and Herzegovina song was alright. The Danish one was fun. The Texas Lightning song was really good. Probably of too high a quality for the competition. It’s the only one I’d actually buy. The others were either boring or standard Europop crap, with the exceptions of the acapella song and the Lithuanian entries.

Over all, the quality was better than last year. Now to sit back and watch media clamor to interview “monsters.” :)

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