Django Nicities

I’ve been working on a project using Django for the last couple days and am falling in love with it. There are so many nice features that make the life of the developer much more enjoyable. The nicest thing is the automatic administration panel. For many projects it’s enough to define a model and activate the admin panel. Another nice feature that I just discovered is the automatic api documentation for you project. If you click on the ‘documentation’ link at the top right of the admin panel, the documentation is presented in a very well organized and attractive manner. You’ll need docutils installed for this. Whenever an error occurs in you code and you set ‘DEBUG’ to ‘True’ in, you get a really clean error report. Generic Views saves you a huge amount of coding.

I’m still trying to get my head around everything, but so far everything has been going quite well. I would like to have a way to automatically choose the current user in the Admin panel and some of the included apps (comments, for example) need to be documented. Most aspects of the framework have quite nice documentation, though.

Ok, back to the project.

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