Germany Wins 4:2!

Ok, Germany winning it’s opener is old news but I haven’t blogged it yet. So I’ll ignore that.

Yesterday I went down to the Fan Mile, between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory column, to watch the World Cup opener, Germany vs. Costa Rica. The weather was absolutely perfect which is a fortunate change from the last few weeks of cold (it snowed in the Allgäu) and rainy weather. Once the match started the atmosphere was really good. Everyone just stared up at the big screen until a goal fell, then threw there hands in the air, turned to there friends, jumped around and waved thier flags till it was time to start staring up at the screen once more. When the match was not being played there were unfortunately a group of drunken teenagers beside me who kept falling into everyone around them and spilling beer. Otherwise the people were quite alright.

What annoyed me the most about the Fan Mile is that it’s all basically a big commercial. Before and after the match and at the half, the sponsors are pretty much given the stage to do what they want. There was the Hyundai quiz show, Coca-Cola Heimspiel, MasterCard half time crowd quiz. Being someone who absolutely hates to be sold stuff, I found it ruined the whole atmosphere. But like I said earlier, once the match started everythog was really enjoyable.

I probably won’t be goin back there to watch another match, though. The atmosphere is much more cozy and intimate at the many cafe’s, open-air viewings or just the TV’s that are sitting outside for people to gather around. I did buy 2 tickets to the Adidas Arena for the Italy vs. USA match. The tickets were only 3 EUR a piece and I though it might be interesting to see what it’s like in there.

Well, the next 4 weeks I’ll probably watch way too much football and get way to little work done. Ahh, life is good! :)

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