Spannung Pur (Pure Suspense)

Annika and I watched the match against Germany and Poland last night. We watched the match in the Kulturbrauerei‘s court yard (3 EUR, no outside drinks allowed in.) The place was full and we had a nice place right in front of the big screen. The match was one of the most exciting matches I’ve every seen. It’s right up there with the 2005 Champions League final; not as amazing but just as exciting.

Unless you actually watched the match you’re probably wondering how a match with a single goal could be so exciting. Firstly, the match was against to neighboring countries that share an often complicated history. Second, two of Germany’s strikers were born in Poland and still speak Polish at home. Third, a loss by Poland meant that their tournament would be practically over and a win by Germany would almost guarantee advancing to the next round. Lastly and most importantly, the Germans had so many great chances to score that as the match went on the suspense built and built till finally the only goal of the match fell in injury time, sending the crowds that had gathered throughout Germany to just explode in euphoric celebration.

On the way home along Schönhauser Allee, the street and side walk was filled with people celebrating. I think that goal did a lot to make the atmosphere even better than it already is now. The World Cup is turning out to be really fun. I hope it continues to be so.

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