Mysql, JDBC and relationships in 2.0.x 1

By default when attempting to create a relationship by way of Tools > Relationships… in OpenOffice you’ll get an error that relationships are not supported. However this is not true if you are using the InnoDB tables. In order to enable relations you need to add overrideSupportsIntegrityEnhancementFacility=true to your connection string. So where do I do that you ask? Simply append the option to the end of your Name of the MySQL database field preceded by a “?”. Just right click on the database name and choose Propeties to get there. Mine looks like this now…


…with test being the database name.

This will work with both the Mysql Connector/J 3.1 and 5.0

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  1. Reply Robbie Jameson Sep 9, 2006 18:28

    Thanks for this, what an amazingly complicated twist for something so basic! I was really having trouble with the pretty non-obvious db gui…

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