Fulfilling promises and moving out

So last week I completed migrating Sprachenatelier Berlin e.V. to Ubuntu 6.06 (codename Dapper). Everything is working quite well and they are pretty happy with it. They definitely have noticed a difference for the better over Ubuntu 5.04 which they had been running. The Nautilus changes (path buttons, places, etc.), the Ubuntu updater (only for the admin of course), Tomboy are among the things they’ve mentioned. One thing that needs to be changed is the location of the shut down/logout button. It’s way to easy to inadvertently click on it when trying to close an application.

One of the pc’s has instability problems. It crashes (actually freeze) about twice a day. I’ve tried all available kernels and 3 different (vesa, radeon, fglrx) xorg drivers both with and without dri enabled. I can get it to crash each time by running OpenOffice‘s document format converter on a large (~1000) number of files. I’m next going to try the 2.6.15-21 kernel once I find it. Switching to the 21 revision fixed my wife’s Thinkpad T21 which was having the same problem.

In other news…

On Monday I got finished with 90 percent of going through my stuff before the move; deciding what to take/keep, ebay, or take to the flee market. This was made very easy this time since when I did my “real” move last July I sorted everything quite thoroughly. It’s so nice to know exactly where I’m going to stay and be doing once in San Diego. Last time I flew in without any connections, rented a car, went through craigslist on my laptop while outside of a house with wireless and after about 21 hours and only one night sleeping in the rental car I had an almost perfect, for me, place to stay with really nice folks.

Less than 2 weeks before I go now. Yeah!

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