First week back in San Diego

I’ve been in San Diego nearly a week now. The heat wave that was still in effect the first couple days I was here has seemed to have passed. It was still not as bad as it was in Berlin, though.

The first day I had my lovely little scooter (Vespa p200e) on the road a lady backed into it and knocked it over in front of Big Lots near 30th and University. I was coming out of the bank when I saw her struggling to get it upright again. It caused damage along the left side as well as big dent on the right side. Two days after this happened my new neighbor did the same thing. The second fall caused a few additional imperfections. I now have a short clutch lever, which I actually like, and a big dent on the left side to match the right. I hope that was it. Poor scooter. :(

I went to the city college to get all the info I need about signing up for courses. I’ve got some special issues with my transcripts and was glad to hear that everything will be ok. I’m looking forward to getting back to school. I’ve been brushing up on my algebra and geometry skills. I’d like to transfer into the Computer Engineering program at SDSU although I’m also thinking it would be nice to major in something like Physics in order to widen my possibilities. I’ve got time to decide, still.

I’ve had to take more time off my current project than I’d wanted to. The move is of course one reason. The second reason is because Annika is giving in her thesis tomorrow and I’ve been going through it each night making sure the structure is right and reading through it. She’s in Berlin so there is a 9 hour difference. In a couple hours it will be printed and she’ll be free. Oh…. then she’s got 3 oral exams over the next 6-8 weeks. Then she’ll be free!

Anyway, I’m in San Diego and I’m sure everything will be wonderful from here on out.

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