Airline Insecurity

Just read Chris Toshok’s blog entry about his experience with airport security. In it, he had the bravery to confess he had taken a bottle of visine on board. I commend you for you bravery Chris.

As it turns out, I also have a confession to make.

About a year or so after the September 11th attacks, I inadvertently took a Leatherman multi-tool on board my flight across the Atlantic. After I arrived home from the airport and started unpacking, I discovered it. It was in the front pocket of my carry-on backpack. I would have thought something like that would have been very easy to spot.

After looking at and thinking how crazy it was that it got through, I got this huge sense of relief that they actually didn’t find it. I had visions of marathon interogations and some FBI agent grilling me about why I had it. I’d be saying, “I forgot it was there.” He’d say, “Who are you working with?” And that would go on and on till they were convinced I was harmless. Of course, the plane would be grounded and the airport would be shut down. You know, the usual stuff they do when someone forgets they are carrying a camping tool with sharp edges.

Also in line with the subject of this entry, the RyanAir boss also thinks the security measures are a farce.

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