Annika’s coming

So, I’m sitting here in San Diego waiting for a call from Annika to give confirmation that she’s safely through customs in Charlotte, NC. You see, this is the first time she’s entering the the US on here permanent residency visa. That means she has to be processed and get final approval from the Customs (Border?) agent to get her Green Card. I’m crossing my fingers that everything is going OK. When she gets this, we will both finally have the freedom to work and live in the other’s country.

She’s going to spend a couple days with my mom and brother in Burlington, NC. On Friday she arrives here in San Diego but is only going to be staying two weeks. She has an internship at the University in Hangzhou, China to teach German till about the end of February. Then she’ll be here for good.

Exciting time for Annika.

UPDATE: Everything went smashingly!

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