A big step forward and a half-step back

The US presidential election was a great success for progressive America. Let’s see if the change moniker bear itself as true.

If Obama is able implement a fair health care system here in The States, I’ll label him a success. Living without a health system in the US is truly living on the edge. My brother had a heart attack about a year ago and was uninsured. He now owes about $500k. My wife and I are currently uninsured but Vada is covered be the state of California.

The step back however was Prop 8. It’s bewildering that a simple majority can change a state’s constitution. Hopefully, the courts will also find this so. It seems as if the courts and the constitution should be there to protect the minority from the majority.

I’m happy to see the backers of the proposition are seeing some backlash now.

Here is an entertaining article about the whole thing.

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