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Since I’ve already told family, friends and finally work, I guess I’ll now tell the world. Annika, Vada and myself will be moving back to Berlin on May 27th. We came to San Diego with the intention of moving back once I was done with school, but after living here and befriending so many great people it was a little hard to finally carry through. Annika grew to love the weather that she thought she’d find monotonous and we really like the South and North park areas of San Diego. But, alas, we’ve got tickets and only a few days after I receive my degree we’ll be gone.

I’ve also put in my notice at work. I wasn’t able to work that many hours anyway due to my school schedule. Dropping the few hours I was working will hopefully make the last two months here less stressful. I learned a lot in my 2.5 years at Geodetics. I’ll miss my co-workers but I can firmly state that I won’t miss programming with MFC.

There is lots to do before we are able to leave. Next week is Spring Break and in addition to wrapping up things at work, I’ll be busy putting things on Craigslist and Ebay. Eventually, we’ll need to get rid of the car and do something with my Vespa. I don’t want to sell my scooter but I definitely can’t afford to send it over; at least not now.

I feel like this move may be our last. Ever since watching the fall of The Wall on TV in 7th grade, I’ve been intrigued by Berlin. After having lived there I fell in love with it and I feel it’s where our small family will be staying for some time.

Now that I’ll be a little less busy I hope to start blogging again. Once I’m in Berlin I’ll have lots to blog about. More on that later.

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