Tweets for week ending 2010-05-09

  • What have I learned from 2 weeks with #OSX Every OS has it's problems. And to think I even partly believed the #OSX lore. I prefer #Ubuntu #
  • Just now when trying to type "united airlines" I inadvertently typed #ubuntu airlines. This is bad. #
  • Mom was to fly back home on Friday. Illness got worse and she's now in the Hospital here in SD. Not sure when/if she'll be able to fly back. #
  • Going to see Conan O'Brien tonight. Should be fun. #
  • Be nice and join the #ubuntu torrent swarm. Especially if you're on a fast university network. ;) #
  • The new #ubuntu with Long Time Support (LTS) is out. Nickname this time is Lucid Lynx. Get it here #
  • Father in law got a flight for 4/26 and is back in Germany now. #airfrance refused any assistance with hotel. We had to drive to LA 3 times. #

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