Tweets for week ending 2010-06-20

  • Openismus day 14: Got to work at 6:10 so I could watch afternoon matches. Finished up menus & actions, made actions contextually sensitive. #
  • Openismus day 13: Made some changes in yesterday's commit after input from Murray, fixed a silly logic bug and started with menus & actions. #
  • Openismus day 12: Still learning gtk+ API. Focused on GtkTreeIter and GtkComboBoxEntry today. Git repo here: #
  • Openismus day 11: Got a simple GTK+ app working to a point where I could push to my Gitorious account. Learning the GtkTreeView API mostly. #
  • Openismus day 10: Actually started writing code; simple gtk+ stuff. Got my jhbuild configuration down to ~60 modules instead of ~260. #

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