Tweets for week ending 2010-07-25

  • Openismus day 39: Today I'm releasing version 0.1 of GMemory. Ugly warnings still there but it's very playable. Enjoy. #
  • Oops. That last update should have read "Openismus day 38." I knew that would happen eventually. :( #
  • Openismus day 37: GMemory now has colored shapes instead of just colors. Getting ugly warnings from cairo, though. First release tomorrow. #
  • Openismus day 37: More GUI polishing. There's a small bug where the last card is not shown due to dialog blocking it. #
  • Openismus day 36: Decided to do the GUI before animation. Got game controls working. Statistics and timer are now in status bar. #
  • Openismus day 35: Got gameplay and resizing working pretty well now. Will tackle animation next, then the GUI. Code here: #
  • Openismus day 34: Got GMemory actually working. I really need to do a redesign, but window resizing and animation are next. Oh.. It was HOT! #

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