New Flat and the Internet Gap

We slept in the new flat for the first time last night. As usual, at least in Germany, it’s going to take a few weeks to get DSL connected. In our case, DSL gets connected on the 30th. This used to be the time when I’d fall into a deep depression due to withdrawal issues. However, this time is different.

For the time being I’m using the awesome new feature in Android 2.2 for sharing a mobile internet connection. Impressed with how easy it is to set up. It’s as easy as turning the feature on and setting the access point name and passphrase. Once that’s done up to 8 computers can connect as they would to any wireless access point.

Unfortunately, my mobile data plan only allows up to 200MB at 3G speed after which it gets throttled down to GPRS speeds. But it’s better than nothing and once DSL is finally connected we’ll be rewarded with 50Mbits down and 10Mbits up. That’s about 8-9 faster than what we had in San Diego for only a little more money.

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