Tweets for week ending 2010-08-15

  • Openismus day 51: Mostly distracted by Andre's beautiful pony tail and conservative rhetoric. A little secret about Andre.. He eats tofu. :P #
  • Openismus day 50: 50 days at Openismus. Woot! Started looking into glib-mkenums. Read half of Other stuff I forget. ;) #
  • Openismus day 49: After problems with clutter-gtk on Fedora, I decided to install Ubuntu. Reran Valgrind. Now I get no definite leaks. Hmm?! #
  • Openismus day 48: More memory leak analysis w/ Valgrind. Mentioned some definite leaks that I can't seem to find. Did fix a few, though. #
  • Openismus day 48: #
  • Openismus day 47: After taking care of some paper work, I started using Valgrind's Memcheck tool to find leaks in gmemory. #

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