Tweets for week ending 2010-09-05

  • Openismus day 65: With murrayc's help, found fix for cluttermm_tutorial segfault. Requires going deeper into *mm bindings. Will commit soon. #
  • Openismus day 64: tbf helped try to find cause of segfault in cluttermm_tutorial. Still couldn't fix it. :( Learnt some advanced gdb stuff. #
  • Openismus day 63: Think I fixed yesterday's bug. cluttermm-tutorial still segfaults a few lines later, though. Got GNOME git commit access! #
  • Openismus day 62: Looked through lots of *mm libraries to get an idea of how things are really done. Tracked down another bug in cluttermm. #
  • Openismus day 61: Finished up *mm wrapping tutorial, fixed small bug in cluttermm that broke cluttermm turorial. #

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