Tweets for week ending 2010-10-03

  • Openismus day 86: Got initial class structure of Merkmal compiling and commited. Doesn't do anything and still needs considerable changes. #
  • Openismus day 85: More Merkmal hacking. Detour into what it would take to build clutter-gtk to gtk3. Reviewed signals and refptr's in gtkmm. #
  • Openismus day 84: Remember kids, if you wanna waste time w/ weird errors just forget to call clutter's init function in your clutter app. :( #
  • Openismus day 83: Small change to clutter-gtkmm: Fought with jhbuild a bit. Getting weird error in Merkmal. #
  • Openismus day 82: Learning more Gtkmm. Added menus and toolbar using UIManager and Actions. Started basic Clutter stuff. #
  • Openismus day 81: Read 2nd half of Clutter Cookbook. Got Merkmal into Gitorious… just autotools and i18n stuff. Signed up for MeeGo conf.! #

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