Introducing Merkmal, a concentration game for GNOME. 1

For the last few week I’ve been working on a version of GMemory written using the gtkmm and cluttermm bindings. The project is called Merkmal.

Merkmal 0.1.0 screenshot

Currently the functionality is on par with that of GMemory. It requires at least cluttermm 1.1.2, clutter-gtkmm 0.9.6.

Here is a video of Merkmal in action. As you should see, basic game play is working but there are tons of things to be added to make the game more interesting. I listed some of those in the GMemory post.

Merkmal 0.1.0 screencast from Chris Kuehl on Vimeo.


Now that I’ve ported the game to C++, adding these features should be much easier. However, there are some issues that I’ve been running into. I seem to be among the first (if not the only) consumer of cluttermm at the moment. This has of course meant that I’ve been running into bugs here and there. I’ve fixed the ones I’ve run into. I’ve also started filing bugs for missing api. For example, the new layout classes and animation framework have yet to be wrapped. I’ve filed some bugs for the ones that I’d most like to use.

GNOME Bindings

Having written the same application in both gtk+ and gtkmm, I don’t see why one would not use one of the bindings to write user apps. One of the beauties of GNOME is that there are so many high-quality bindings available. Bindings are a top priority for the project and it shows. With the introspection work that is going on, the situation will only get better.

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