I’ve landed on Planet GNOME! 3

Now that I’ve landed on Planet GNOME, it’s time for the obligatory introduction.


The post that got dumped onto p.g.o when my feed got activated yesterday gives some idea of why I’ve been added to p.g.o. Other than that I’ve also (hopefully) finished up the port of Vino to GNOME 3 that Ryan Lortie had started. I’ve also done other odds and ends which you can find on my Ohloh profile.

On the community side, I’m a member of the local planning team for the Desktop Summit, and organizing the GNOME 3 Berlin Release party, which I’ll have more details about in a coming post.


I’ve got 2 kids. My daughter, Vada, is 2 and my son, Rigby, is 5 months old which means I hack when I really should be sleeping. I’m an American expat living with my wife, Annika, who’s German. I adopted the German looking name from her… just to confuse people. ;)

I was also one of the lucky ones selected for a trainee position at Openismus. Thanks Murray!

Closing remarks

As for my hackergotchi… it’s outdated. But Andreas seemed keen on having one with a moustache for some reason.

I’ve followed p.g.o for many years, so it’s kinda cool to actually have my floating head join the mix. I’ll try not to bore you.

3 thoughts on “I’ve landed on Planet GNOME!

  1. Reply Murray Cumming Mar 2, 2011 06:19

    I’ve seen worse moustaches. On you.

  2. Reply Fred Muller Mar 2, 2011 06:48

    Hey, welcome to GNOME Planet! We will be sending you the goodies for the launch party and hope you can make the best out of it. Thanks for taking the extra step to celebrate :)

  3. Reply Chris Mar 2, 2011 08:01

    @Murray: Generally a handlebar moustache causes a reaction of awe or jealousy. I see which reaction you’ve had to it. :P

    @Fred: Thanks so much.

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