Desktop Summit 2011: It’s starting to get interesting.

Yesterday the local planning team for the Desktop Summit got together to discuss our progress. The good news is that we seem to be more or less on schedule.

Thus far, we on the planning committee have been pretty quiet on the Intertubes. There has been Lennart’s post about the call for papers (which you really should hurry and submit a proposal for), but that’s about it. However, we’re now getting to the stage where you’ll hear more and more from us on the local team.

At the end of May or beginning of June we’ll be having a 1-2 day meeting with representatives from the GNOME Foundation and KDE e.V to make sure all parties are happy with progress and identify potential areas that need more love. From that point, the amount and pace of work to be done are bound to increase significantly. Fun for us.

Although things are going well, there has been some controversy regarding the registration process on the website. When one goes to register for the Desktop Summit, you’re asked to sign in with, or register, a KDE identity. While this is not ideal (at least from a GNOME perspective), we decided on this due mainly to lack of man-power and time. The people who stepped forward to get the website up and running were from the KDE side. Thus, it was most expedient to have them use the KDE infrastructure with which they were familiar. Thanks to them for donating their free-time to get this done on such a tight schedule. While things are actually working, we hope to make some small changes soon that should make the process a little clearer.

To close, I’d like to recognize Claudia Rauch, Business Manager of KDE e.V. and Mirko Boehm (also from KDE) for bringing the Desktop Summit to Berlin. They were the ones who submitted the proposal and have taken on the brunt of the planning work. They’re also both a pleasure to work with. Thanks guys!

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