MeeGo Conference 2011, San Francisco 3

Last week I went to San Francisco to play Ping-Pong with Andre. At the same time a conference took place.

That conference was of course the 2nd MeeGo Conference. I’d gone to the 1st conference in Dublin in November and written a rather lenghty account. The two conferences had very different feels and it wasn’t due to geography.

The big news at the San Francisco conference was that there was no real news. The keynote had no big announcements: no new devices, no previously unannounced partners. As opposed to the Dublin conference where there was hope for such news, this conference had an expectation of such news. The lack of announcements caused the conference to feel rather less inspiring. While it’s nice to see MeeGo making headway in the in-vehicle infotainment and set-top box markets the lack of a handset device is weighing on the project.

Another obvious and expected difference to the Dublin conference was the much reduced visibility of Nokia. There was a large Qt presence of course. Other than that however, there were very few Nokia logos and fewer Nokia employees came to SF than to Dublin, although there were still quite a few.

Some of the most interesting talks were about the openness and transparency of the project. I’ll simply point you to a very good account of this at LWN.

I was happy to come away with an ExoPC Slate. This is the same hardware as the WeTab which my colleague Jon demonstrated running Maliit on GNOME 3 a few weeks back. These were given out to those who attended the Introduction to MeeGo SDK. The session covered the MeeGo SDK, AppUp SDK, and the AppUp Encapsulator.

Besides the conference it was nice being back in The States. I’m the only American working for Openismus and for the other 4 it was their first trip to the US. I think in the end they were for the most part pleasantly surprised. These Europeans tend to believe what they see on TV. ;-)

3 thoughts on “MeeGo Conference 2011, San Francisco

  1. Reply michael Jun 4, 2011 13:02

    How is San Franciso (or even California) an appropriate representation of the US?

  2. Reply Daniel Elstner Jun 4, 2011 23:02

    @michael: How is Berlin an appropriate representation of Germany? :p

  3. Reply Chris Jun 5, 2011 22:15

    @michael: Why wouldn’t San Francisco be an appropriate representation? Every city/area in the US has it’s own characteristics but they also share many similarities. A typical or average US city does not exist.

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