Desktop Summit: Day Trips 3

This year’s Desktop Summit is taking place at Humbolt University in the middle of Berlin, one of the most interesting cities in the world. This makes it a prime starting point for taking a tour of the city. For this reason, we’ve designated some time on Thursday, August 11th for taking day trips.

When you come to registration on Saturday you’ll find representatives from some of the best tour operators in Berlin. Here’s what will be on offer.

  • Walking Tour (€10): Hit the pavement with the guides from Insider Tours. They’ll give you some great insight into some of Berlin’s most interesting places.
  • Bike Tour (€18): For the two-wheel inclined, the folks from Fat Tire Bike Tours would love to show you around.
  • Segway Tour (€45): Hey, we’re all geeks, so maybe you’d prefer seeing Berlin from a gyro-balanced electric transporter. The folks from City Segway Tours can help you with that.

You should also feel free to book tours with other tour operators on your own. We’ve listed a few on the wiki for you.

Oh, and remember to sign-up for the Football and Volleyball matches taking place Monday, August 8th, 7-9pm if you want to play.

3 thoughts on “Desktop Summit: Day Trips

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  2. Reply Calum Aug 8, 2011 04:01

    I’m a little confused by the announcements today about “meeting outside at 10am on Thursday for the day trip”… which day trip(s) is that for? Only for trips that were booked at registration on Saturday? Or is this for a different trip? Can you just turn up (and pay) on Thursday morning if you didn’t book something on Saturday?

  3. Reply Chris Aug 9, 2011 01:37

    These day trips are for the ones listed above. You need not be pre-registered for those. Just show up. There will be someone there to take you to the starting point of each tour.

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