Cluttermm now under new management

I’ve not really found the time or motivation to work on Cluttermm and friends since this summer. Thus, I’m happy that I’ve found someone to pass on maintanership to. Actually, I’ve found two maintainers to take over.

Krzesimir Nowak has worked on improving the C++-bindings in GNOME for some time know. He’s very familiar with both C++ and how to create GObject C++-bindings.

Aidan Delaney is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton in the UK and uses Cluttermm and Clutter-box2dmm for teaching.

I’ve added them as maintainers in the DOAP files for Cluttermm, Clutter-gtkmm, and Clutter-box2dmm already. I guess that makes it official.

Thanks for agreeing to take over, guys.

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