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tl:dr version: We’re hiring!

For the past year or so I’ve been working with Mirko, Sebastian and Karl together at Agile Workers UG. In this time things have gone really well. From the beginning we had plans to grow the company and now we’re there.

Mirko and I have both had experiences working in software consulting companies and, thus, we inevitably developed ideas and values that we wanted to feed into any new company we’d found. One of the most important of these was that employees that invest their time and dedication should be given a strong voice in, and a share of, the company. In our current form (UG) this is not possible and was always considered a temporary solution. Thus, we are currently taking the final steps through the German bureaucratic forest to form a share holders company (AG) which allows us the flexibility to offer employees both a share of the company and a legally binding voice. Expect more details once we’ve finished the process.

Oh yeah, WE HIRING! We’re currently looking for C/C++ developers with a strong skill-set in system-level Linux. We are working on full-stack Android development and would like to build a team around that. Expect to work on the entire Android stack from the application layer, down through system services (written in C/C++ and Java) and into the device drivers (user-space and kernel).

We’re located in Berlin and, for the time being, need people to be here on location. It’s a great time to come to Berlin. The city offers a huge variety of opportunities for the technically inclined. More immediately, the weather has just turned nice and there are few places I’d rather be than Berlin in the summer time. As for winter, let’s just say it provides ample time for hacking. ;)

You can find more information at our careers page.

3 thoughts on “Growing up and expanding

  1. Reply Tanty Apr 25, 2013 01:21

    Nice to see that there are other Open Source companies out there that are sharing similar values than us at Igalia.

    Keep the good job!

  2. Reply Chris Apr 26, 2013 12:13

    While I love what you guys have done at Igalia, you won’t find me comparing the two. From what I understand of how Igalia works, our setup will be considerably different, partly because of German regulations but mostly by design.

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