GUADEC: …and thanks for all the fish

It’s my last day at GUADEC taking place in Brno, Czech Republic this year. As I’ve been preoccupied for the past year or so, I’ve not had much time to work on GNOME or any other free-time projects. So, I’ve been running in user-mode with respect to GNOME for a while. Coming to GUADEC was something I really wanted to do, however, to meet up with friends and learn more about the going-ons in the community.

What I’m coming away with is a renewed sense that GNOME remains one of the most important projects in the FOSS world. What makes GNOME so important is the fact that it doesn’t limit itself in scope to “the desktop.” When you come to GUADEC you hear just as much talk about the stack below the user interface as you do the user facing aspects.

It’s the GNOME developer’s willingness to dive into the lower layers when something is lacking or not suitable that sets it apart. We should remember that this is not how a lot of projects work. Many are happy to devise work-arounds and stop there. Through the GNOME project’s unparalleled ability to effect change throughout the Linux stack, a countless number of projects have benefited.

For this we all owe the GNOME project a huge debt of gratitude. And let’s not forget that.

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